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Famous Dutch cigars

Some high-end produced cigar companies make it possible to offer Corona cigar sizes for less then 2.50 Euro's each. A line of cigarillos are named Panter and are produced by Agio, one of the most famous dry cured cigar companies in The Netherlands. They provide cigarillos regular sizes and weight. Standard 0.01 to 0.04 gr.

Agio cigarillos machine rolled

Agio also produced high-end cigars named Balmoral, Royal Balmoral, the most famous Dutch cigar brand, but in The Netherlands not just famous for their Dominican hand rolled long fillers. Their short fillers Highlands (Senoritas), Rivales (Corona) and Oxford (Tuitknak) have a mix inner of 23 divers tobacco's from Indonesia and some Brazil to get a more spicy flavour.

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