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Famous Dutch cigars

Some high-end produced cigar companies make it possible to offer Corona cigar sizes for less then 2.50 Euro's each. A line of cigarillos are named Panter and are produced by Agio, one of the most famous dry cured cigar companies in The Netherlands. They provide cigarillos regular sizes and weight. Standard 0.01 to 0.04 gr

Agio machine rolled cigarillos

Agio also produced high-end cigars named Balmoral, Royal Balmoral, the most famous Dutch cigar brand, but in The Netherlands not just famous for their Dominican hand rolled long fillers. Their short fillers Highlands (Senoritas), Rivales (Corona) and Oxford (Tuitknak) have a mix inner of 23 divers tobacco's from Indonesia and some Brazil to get a more spicy flavour. Cigar Webshop.

Shipping cigars and other tobacco products.

Popular Dutch Style Dry-Cured cigars. Dry cured cigars go through a special manufacturing process and have a mix blend. They can be stored at normal household temperatures but if doubt you can use simply aluminium foil to wrap the whole box/case in. They have a filler, binder and wrapper. Most are machine made, but some exceptions (de Olifant). Some dry cured cigars are available with anisette, rum, and cognac flavour, but then they are almost all cigarillos. Due to several new laws and regulations flavour is a big discussion. On line brand names from the manufacturer listed here

Shortfillers machine made

In short, a cigar is a rolled bundle of dried and fermented tobacco leaves. Many cigars are shortfillers. They have a 20+ blend mix of several tobacco's. Most desired leaf colour for wrappers: Light, Sumatra. All varies by type of tobacco, size of cigars and filtered cigars or cigarillos. Havana cigars are two to four filler leaves, which are rolled into a tube and then enveloped by the binder leaves. Then the wrapper finish the cigar.There is so much more to write about it, but there is information about this item to find if you really want to know more.

Payments for your tobacco or cigar purchase.

As service to customers outside the Netherlands we offer also bank wire to our Dutch (ING or RABO) bank accounts, or our bank accounts in Germany, or Norway. IBAN or SEPA Payments within the European Community are free from cost. We offer Przelewy24 banking.

Cigar Web Service has many years of experience in shipping cigar and tobacco products, national and international. Shipping with Certificates of origin or legal stamped customs declarations are possible for a small surcharge.

Oud Kampen Cigars, de Olifant cigars, Balmoral cigars, Agio cigars, El Dorado cigars, Hajenius cigars. Panter cigars, Justus van Maurik cigars, La Paz cigars, Signature and de Huifkar cigars are premium brands of Europe.