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European cigars are worldwide famous, but what are they?

The main difference in short: They are dry-cured and holds a mix blend of differen leaves. Cuban cigars are made using solely Cuban tobacco, are more stronger and thicker. The torcedor chooses two to four filler leaves, which are rolled into a tube and then enveloped by the binder which is totaly different then machine made Dutch cigars.

Which Dutch cigars brands are original made in Holland?

Agio,Balmoral,Hajenius,Jacob van Meer,Justus van Maurik,Hoogeboom,Panter,Moods,La Paz,Oud Kampen,de Olifant,Ritmeester,Schimmelpenninck,El Dorado,Kenners Keus,Hoogeboom

What are dry-cured Dutch cigars?

Dry-cured cigars is an old way of making cigars. The proction is machine made and holds a melange of 21-23 different blends. Most contain Indonesian, Sumatra, or Brazilian leaves and can be stored at normal household temperatures. Wrapper, binder and inner is the basic. The Netherlands has an old cigar history. Not much has changed in the way the cigars are put together.

What are Agio cigars?

Agio cigars are originally made in Netherlands at the Royal Agio company untill 2022. After that the portfolio was taken over by STG. Royal Agio Cigars is a family business in Duizel and one of the Dutch Masters manufacturers. Agio Petitos red box, Elegant cigarillos blue box, Gouden Oogst yellow box and Agio Meharis in 4 collors are the trade names of Royal Agio. Besides these they made a Filter Tip serie with acryllic mouth piece.

What are Balmoral cigars?

Balmoral comes in Sumatra (yellow carton) and Dominican series (brown carton). The production is machine made and holds a melange of 21-23 different blends. Balmoral was also in the hands of the Wintermans family. Brandnames such as Balmoral Dominican, Balmoral Highlands, Balmoral Cambridge, Balmoral Cumberland are the trade names of Royal Balmoral. There are also hand crafted series available.

What are Hajenius cigars?

Hajenius are also dry cured cigars. Cigars are named after the store in Amsterdam and are the private label of the store. There is a large collection in almost every size available. The shop is the biggest in the center of the city. The most delicate Sumatra sandleaf, shade tobacco's and a mix of 21 different tobacco used for the filler made the cigar complete. Welknown as "Dry Cured Tobacco leaf".

The other Dutch cigar brands are produced in the same way. The color and composition of the blend may differ, but in general the production is the same. The majority are machine made, except for the specials. In the time of the V.O.C. the basis has been laid for the Dutch method of production with mainly Vorstenlanden tobacco. the most famous is the Sumatra. These are often used as wrappers. Java, Cameroon, Philippines, Brazil. Today the blends are international.