van der Donk exclusive selection hand made

Richard tells how the cigar is made;

van der Donk cigars are made by hand in several stages. First of all, the raw tobaccos are processed into so-called “fillers”. For this Richard uses “Braziel”, sweet and heavy; "Havana", bright and spicy; and “Java”, light and soft. These types are individually moistened, de-grained, shredded and dried again. This drying is done on the wooden attic floor in a non-forced, natural way, which preserves the specific aroma of the tobacco.

The next step is “bushmaking”. The filler is provided with the Java binder and pressed into the well-known cigar shapes. After pressing and drying overnight, the bunches are turned (turned a quarter turn) and pressed again. Then the protruding parts are cut off. Subsequently, the bunches on the work table are provided with the wrapper, the so-called "covering".

This is a careful handicraft in which the exclusive "Sumatra" sand blade is processed. Finally, the cigars are sorted by color, packed in wooden boxes and dried further.