Jacob van Meer exquisite dry cured selection

Hoogeboom cigar brands are not all available in the EU

Dry cure blend Cuban, Brazilian and Indonesian tobaccos

Lacquered boxes, produced in Belgium.

Jacob van Meer, Lacquered boxes in cedar wood. Various sizes and can be classified under Premium cigar brand.

The blend of the filler is comparable to most cigars "Dry Cured" as the old Dutch history has done for centuries. The filler (bunch), the binder and wrapper. On average, 21 types of tobacco have been used for the bunch, varying in composition, including Java, Sumatra. Leaves from the Philippines have also been used. However, it will be very difficult for the currently producing manufacturer to secure these tobaccos for the longer term.

Jacob van Meer was created under the auspices of the van der Marliere family. in Belgium.