Schimmelpennick club box 100

The only box left under this name; Palette the box 100

Schimmelpennink cigars. Once one of the Dutch brands with world fame, it is no longer. Never understood why the Duet series disappeared so quickly in such a short time. A long and narrow cigar, which was halfway between a long seƱorita and a thin panatella, was loved all over the world. Just because of the can (still on Marktplaats) as a collector's item and in the color white and brown and the beautiful logo, it is nostalgic.

Schimmelpenninck had an extra exclusive series which had the same name as a very good French delicacy; V.S.O.P. Dark colored boxes, with each cigar individually wrapped with the story printed on it from V.S.O.P, and a cedar insert under the cigars. If you ever have France on your list again, visit the Whiskey factory and see the combination between both V.S.O.P brand names.