Handrolling tobacco United Kingdom

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The packs changed in dark black due to EU regulations.

Tobacco Amber Leaf, to roll yourself

Light colored tobacco, mainly in the UK one of most wanted RYO..

Amber Leaf is a brand of rolling tobacco. RYO tobacco should be used as a hand-rolled stick or "shekkie". It is a product of the Gallaher Group division of Japan Tobacco and appeared on the market in many different weights. Europe currently has the packaging (pouch) of 50 grams. Amberb-Leaf is the best-selling tobacco in Britain and Ireland, made from Virginia tobacco, light blonde color and machine-stripped leaves. Humidity range of 25-40% is best for hand rolling. You can use all kinds of branded paper (Mascotte, Rizla, Club) and it is best not to use the machines for tube cigarettes.

UK Pack Size: 30g

Pack size EU: 50 g

Wholesale distribution: Foox -Lekkerland

UK - EU price differences: High