Justus van Maurik cigars are not available in the EU

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Justus van Maurik cigars are difficult to import due to EU restrictions.

At almost every store in the Netherlands, the Justus van Maurik boxes are available. Many tobacconist stores outside the Netherlands do not have this van Maurik brand stocked.

The cigars of the van Maurik are very popular.

The natural cigars of Justus van Maurik (unmatted) have been known in the Netherlands for some time. The offer consists of cigars made of pure tobacco. Filler, binder and wrapper come from Sumatra. Characteristic are the sand leaf wrappers that are used with the cigarillos. Whether this quality can be maintained remains to be seen. The supply of good roof sheets from the so-called Vorstenlanden has been a difficult matter for a long time. The Netherlands has an old cigar history. The Justus van Maurik brand is also one of the top brands produced in the Netherlands

van Maurik came from a wealthy family, not aristocratic, but richly middle-class.His father was a cigar manufacturer. Justus van Maurik was born on August 16, 1846 aan 't Water, as it was then called Damrak completely open, close to the building Damrak 85, where the tobacco shop of Lookeren would later be opened. Nice to know that after the move of the Maurik family to number 49 on the same Damrak, a lot of raw tobacco was stored on the corner of the Zoutsteeg. This was still hoisted up by hand in bales.

Due to the important Dutch contribution to the then Dutch East Indies regarding the tobacco culture, the Netherlands became the world center of the cigar. In no other country were so many cigars produced in around 3000 large and small cigar factories. Nowhere else were there so many cigars smoked and the world trade of all tobacco from the Dutch East Indies went through Amsterdam and the typical Dutch cigars were sold worldwide.