Elephant (Olifant) cigar brands are available in the EU

Elephant cigar brands are available in the EU

The cigars of the de Olifant are very popular.

At almost every store in the Netherlands, the cigars from Olifant are available. Tobacconist stores in Germany have the Olifant cigars stocked.

Cigars from De Olifant made from the best tobaccos in luxurious cedar boxes for every smoking moment. De Olifant are the finest quality Dutch cigars, being in production since 1832. The factory produces a selection of cigar sizes using twenty different tocacco leaves. The cigar factory de Olifant is a surviving company from this time where cigars are made in the traditional way. During a walk at the center of Kampen and then through the historic buildings of De Olifant, you will learn all about the production and process from tobacco to cigar.

Most Olifant cigars are hard to find outside the EU or difficult to import.

Even if you don't smoke cigars, this is a must see place in Kampen. It's a shop with the factory behind it that still produces an impressive amount of cigars. Olifant is a Dutch brand that still produces his cigars in the Netherlands. Using a blend of fillers from Java, Sumatra, Brasil and Vorstenlanden. What makes these cigars globally unique is the fact that each range consists of its own special blend. The West Flemish Vandermarliere Cigar Family took over the production and sales activities of the Dutch brand 'De Olifant' last weekend.

The new EU regulations makes it also difficult for small manufacturers such as de Olifant. Prices for the tobacoo worldwide and production cost and extra high taxed for small cigars making it hard to survive.De Olifant is a typical Dutch cigar that has a long story in our history. Unfortunally, this industry will also perish due to the regulatory pressure from Brussels and The Hague. A long history of a beautiful product is lost.