La Paz cigar brands are available in the EU

La Paz cigar brands are available in the EU

The LaPaz series. Pure tobacco cigars.

La Paz cigar brands are available in the EU

At almost every store in the Netherlands, the cigars from La Paz are available. Many tobacconist stores outside the Netherlands have the La Paz cigarillos stocked.

The cigars of the La Paz are very popular.

The LaPaz series. Pure tobacco cigars. An extensive range with mainly wild cigars, these are cigars with a feather/floss at the back. La Paz is a brand of cigar that originated around 1880. Contrary to what the name suggests, the cigar brand La Paz is originally Dutch. In 1969 La Paz released the so-called Wilde Havana cigar with floss. A floss is cut with a knife during manufacture. La Paz Cigarillo is the most popular of all varieties. Cigarillos have a slim, noble model and are ideal for a somewhat shorter smoking moment..

Most La Paz cigarillo's are not hard to find in local store but difficult to import cross border.

LaPaz; a unique characteristic that not only reveals its wild character. he loosely rolled Brazillian and Havana leaves combined with an addition of Java grown leaf provides an instant, rich taste. 100% pure tobacco, full bodied and rich aroma is what you can expect from La Paz cigars. La Paz cigars, Wild Havana uncut cigar. These are now called Cigarros and are offered in different packaging. The brand is distributed in more than 40 countries. The La Paz cigars are produced by Scandinavian Tobacco Group. A very large international company.

According to the cigar makers, the uncut cigars tasted better. Actually, the wild cigar was a reintroduction and therefore not an invention of La Paz. The Hudson cigar factory from Roosendaal had already developed the "wild" phenomenon years before, but the cigar smokers did not buy it. The introduction of the strange, unknown cigar in 1969 was successful. Since 2003, the wild cigars of La Paz are no longer called Wild Havanas but Wild Cigarros. Two Cuban companies, Cubatabacco and Habanos, filed a lawsuit against Swedish Match. Both argued that the right to the name "Havana" should be reserved for cigars of Cuban origin. The court's decision was not awaited. Swedish Match agreed with the Cubans not to use the name Wilde Havana's as of January 1, 2003.