Panter cigar brands are available in the EU

Panter cigarillo's are hard to find, internet crossed border sales forbidden.

Panter cigar brands are available in the EU

At almost every store in the Netherlands, the cigars from Panter are available. Many tobacconist stores outside the Netherlands have the Panter cigarillos stocked.

The cigars of the Panter are very popular.

The Dutch short fillers have been known for centuries as an excellent quality cigar and are appreciated all over the world. Panther (Panter) cigarillos are packaged in cans. It is a large series of small cigars that are convenient to take with you. The Dutch cigar differs enormously from the long filler cigars from the rest of the world. The Dutch Panther short fillers are a blend of various shredded tobacco varieties, now mostly from Java, Cuba, Brazil and Sumatra.

Most Panter cigarillo's are hard to find and increasingly difficult to import.

Most Panter cigars are hard to find at the internet.The stripping and notching of the tobacco for the Panther cigarillo is done completely by machine. The handicraft for the production of cigars is only in Cuba, Dominicans and other low-cost countries. Many of the well-known Dutch cigar brands such as Panter still exist and the head offices are in the Netherlands, but they are now part of a foreign multinational.

Panter Cigarillos and other flavored cigarillos from the same brand are made from Sumatra, Java, Vorstenlanden tobacco with divers wrappers. Panter specializes in small, cafe cigars. They're mild, tasty and affordably-priced,handy small tins. The Ecuador wrapper gets its unique quality from the rich Ecuadorian soil. Panter blue, Panter RED, Panter Tango and Panter Sprint.