The cigars of the Agio company are very popular.

Agio cigar brands are available in the EU

Agio cigar brands are available in the EU

At almost every store in the Netherlands, the cigars from Agio are available. Many Tobacco stores outside the Netherlands have the portofolio stocked.

The cigars Agio are Sumatra blend..

Royal Agio Cigars is a family business in Duizel. Legislation and national regulation also make it very difficult for the Agio company.For more than a century, the cigar manufacturer was in the hands of the Wintermans family. Brandnames such as Agio Petitos in the red box, Elegant cigarillos in the blue box, Gouden Oogst in the yellow box and Agio Meharis in 4 collors are the trade names of Royal Agio

Most Agio cigars are hard to find and increasingly difficult to import.

Most Agio cigars are hard to find at the internet. One of the main problems are rules and regulations from the EU. Crossborder tobacco sales is forbidden. Most of the Agio brand names are only availabel at the tobacco store. However untill Juli 2023 the tobacconist could have his own internet store, it is no longer possible to use mail order companies. Crossborder sales was already ended 2017.

All cigars from the Agio cigar brand, are made from Sumatra, Java, Vorstenlanden tobacco with divers wrappers. Other brands of the Agio cigars Duizel are Panter cigars, Balmoral cigars. ( Domincan Selection and Sumatra).

Sub-brands of Agio are Gouden Oogst, in the yellow box. The cigar is a Torpedo (Bolknak) and after normal smoking it is used for spirituality, healing and shamanism. The Agio Petitos in the red box, is a middle class Senoritas. Elegant Spout Knak is a medium size with a sprout and also comes in a smaller cigarillo. Both dark blue boxes. And then there is the series Agio Meharis. The color of the box gives the consumer an indication of the taste. Meharis Eqcuador (blue), Meharis Java (yellow) Meharis Brasil (green) and dark red box with aroma, called Meharis RED