Regulations - to keep you updated

Update January - 2018


Because of the PACTACT cigarettes, pipe and rolling tobacco not allowed to USA. The credit card companies are getting nasty.

All sorts of Commercial Media to inform customers about products, printable information, free samples and gifts are forbidden.

Return shipments are characterized as illegal import and can be seized or qualified as Taxable Tobacco Import.

New Shipping service for USA - always customs involved. Read the shipping delivery schedule for latest update (at the top header).

Because of new EU regulations for shipping, at the last page of the shop, you need to finish the 2 buttons to pick-up your parcel. You are redirected to the shippers page. It is vital to follow these easy steps, otherwise parcels are not picked up at our warehouse.

Payments; VISA, AMEX and DINERS, iDEAL, Bankwire to Holland, UK, Germany, Norway or Sweden. NO MASTERCARD or Paypal! New payment options added: SOFORT, Belfius, KBC Belgium/France

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Customers are responsible for rules and regulations regarding import restrictions. * Price and products updates are subject to change without notice.