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Shipping parcels to the UK Northern Ireland no longer possible.
We thank all our customers for doing business with us for all these years.
After the date of 01-01-2021 parcels will be seized, is higher risk and needs HR custom documents.
Therefore UK will be removed from all the E-shops.
Remember you can not claim at insurance or get refunds.

Last ORDER date was set on November 28th 2020 at 12.00


Even if there was a deal, 95% Bank license in UK will be terminated and is cut-off to use EU data stream platforms, Credit card issuers located in UK no longer have access to the EU market. The free custom zone does not permits parcels higher then 35 GBP without invoices. The parcel price and declaration cost is 15 GBP extra per shipment (broker handling fee) and needs to leave the custom area from EU first with lots of extra paperwork.....and then at the UK border again to get it in to the UK. Tobacco is  NOT included in any deal and simply means: It will be seized. No warranties and not possible for any insurance to claim. Cross-Border sales is terminated, deal....or no deal.

The official new rules from January 1 between the EU and UK

It is important that a commercial invoice is included with the shipment. These are mandatory for all shipments between Great Britain and the EU (and vice versa) from January 1, 2021.

• The shop where you buy must enter an EORI number with the invoice

• Your order must be accurately described, including the correct HRM code (s) and your product must have the correct goods value + total amount of the purchase.

• Details of the country of origin and the reason for export and how you made the payment must be described

• The address and name of the shop where you are buying must be on the invoice and contact details of you as a customer (recipient) must also be added.

• A check will be made to see if an export license or other supporting documents are required if you buy tobacco overseas. You will have to pay VAT and import duties on all products that you want to buy outside your home country but Alcohol and Tobacco are NOT allowed and will be confiscated.

order service for parcels

Due to new transport and tobacco regulations parcel and shipping has changed. We do not ship ourselves. Your parcel will be picked-up with various shippers. No extra cost.

What is the order service

When buying at our web-shop, you give permission to order your parcel parcel or boxed gifts.

No payment is needed extra for using this service. The shipping cost are integrated and cashed per collo or per purchase The total of your purchase is on your order copy form, send as e-mail.

There is (or in the EU can be) always customs involved with every parcel or purchase Customers are responsible for all penalty’s or import regulations.

Note that the weight-volume levels might give you the option to order more product for the same shipping cost! The billable weight of all packages for 2 kilo could be the same as 4 or 5 kilo.

For overseas parcels there is ALWAYS customs check possible per area or country. The shippers have no influence on that process..