Golden Virginia tobacco-European tobacconist|

Tobacco for hand-rolling cigarettes or RYO with machine, high quality.
European and VK leading brands listed rolling tobacco amongst consumers, such as Golden Virginia in the green pouch of 50 gramm, Brandaris, Camel, Drum, but also van Nelle, David & Goliath, JPS and PallMall  and many others to roll your own cigarettes.

Golden Virginia-50gr

Imperial Tobacco/Prod/Europe
50 gram per pouch / 10 pouches per carton
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✅Cigares:produits d'Pays Bas, Österreich, Allemagne, Belgique. Original "Snuss - Snuff" from Sweden
Tobacco photo

Original rolling tobacco

Gross weight 0.6 kg
Units 1 carton 
10 pouches

Net weight per pouch
50 gr.